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Letter from Superintendent Taylor

Summer is coming to a close is a signal that the start to a new school year is right around the corner.  All of our school campuses have been busy with summer programs as well as regular maintenance as we have been preparing for the coming year.  In addition to the physical improvements, we have participated in many staff development trainings to provide our instructional staff with continuing education opportunities.  We were fortunate to have received additional funding to offset expected cost overruns that we will experience as we construct a new Blountstown Elementary School.  We had a successful year last year and I am optimistic about the coming year.  The first day for teachers was Monday, August 1st and our students will return on Wednesday, August 10th.   
The results of the hurricane and the effects of the pandemic have made the last four years very challenging.  We have had to make adjustments, create new ways of delivering instruction, and learn how to navigate unknown paths.  Students, staff, parents, and community members have been affected by the circumstances we have all had to face, but we all continue to persevere.  The beginning of a new year gives everyone the opportunity to have a fresh start.  We will certainly face more challenges, but I am confident if we all pull together we will make it through any obstacle we face.  In everything there is purpose, and maybe the lesson we are to learn from the adversity we have faced is to work together and to stay the course no matter how difficult it might be.  A single twig is easily broken, but a full hand of twigs is much stronger and not easily broken. I encourage everyone to look at this year and focus on the opportunity it presents.       
We all need someone to care about, someone to care about us, and something meaningful to do in this life.  Being a part of the education of our students has all three of these elements.  Thank you to our families, this community, and all of our staff for contributing to this very important responsibility.  We look forward to seeing you and our students very soon.  Best wishes for the coming school year!
Sincerely, Darryl Taylor, Jr.    

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