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Commissioners discuss funding with legislators

Calhoun County Commissioners, l-r: Gene Bailey District 5, Lee Lee Brown District 1, Aaron Carter District 2, Scott Monlyn District 4, and Darryl O’Bryan District 3.

Calhoun County Commissioners traveled to Tallahassee last week and met with Senator Jay Trumbull and State Representative Shane Abbott to discuss Calhoun County funding requests, especially the ones for the hospita and the establishment of a State Paark in Calhoun County.

The Calhoun County Community Foundation and Chair Jami Daniels Joe, have been actively soliciting public support for a state park in Calhoun County.  “Under the Foundation’s #KeepCalCoRural #Support theOutdoors initiative encouraging people to support growth opportunities for the county that support the outdoors, whether that be through outdoor recreation, business opportunities, investments, etc. Through this initiative we have launched a public support campaign for the State Park, to do the following:

• Bring awareness to the idea of a State Park coming to Calhoun County 

• Educate the public on the economic benefit a state park would bring to Calhoun County

•Gain public support of a state park coming to Calhoun County (We have an online petition people can submit and it will be presented to the legislators during the committee hearings.) Our goal is 5,000 signatures. You do not have to be from Calhoun County to sign,” Joe stated.

Joe says she had noticed properties for sale in Calhoun County that would be perfect  for a state park and contacted Rep. Jason Shoaf and incoming Representative Shane Abbott.  She was informed by Rep. Shoaf that DEP had agreed to fund a state park but they were awaiting property to be proposed by our county comm

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