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Coach’s Corner – December 7 2001

The Tigers season came to an end in the state semi finals at Hawthorne this past Friday. . The Tigers had a great run from week 10 being crowned SSAC Champs and region champs. Of the 4 schools remaining last week 3 of them had one thing in common that we did not. A bunch of quality players that did not attend their school in early grades. Hawthorne had kids from 11 different schools it was reported. It is not illegal anymore really with the state legislators passing the open enrollment bill. Kids can drive to any school of their choice as long as the district accepts them. So naturally schools closer to larger population areas ie Gainesville, Pensacola will naturally draw more kids. The rural league is better than what we had before but it also has its flaws with what is defined as a rural school. I don’t think of the 38 kids that dressed we had 1 kid that did not attend middle school here. That makes it even more special what these kids accomplished.
The schedule these kids had to navigate through then playing on the road 3 straight weeks in the post season is an accomplishment. Counting the classic these kids played 15 football games in high school football! That takes a big commitment from everyone involved. Thanks to all the fans that made the 3 hour trip and supported our team. Blountstown is a special football community that loves their Tigers. So now its on to basketball as the calendar has already rolled to December. When you still have on the pads in December it means you had a great season and that we did! It’s great to be a Tiger!!

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