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Bristol man facing multiple felony charges

On June 1, Deputy Peterson of the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to an address for a call that a man was on the front porch of a home in his underwear.  The caller advised that she had given the man a grey tee shirt and he left walking.  Sgt. Phillip Hatcher arrived on scene as backup.

Before arriving at the scene, Deputy Hatcher observed a man matching the description walking into the intersection of Smith Tower Road, CR 8, and CR 19.  The man was bleeding from over his left eye.

The man told the deputy he was in Clarksville and asked Treay Shiver (driver), Corey Lee, Jessie Honrine, and Lexie Shaw for a ride to Blountstown.  Once in the truck, they turned south down dirt roads and not towards Blountstown.  The man said he told them they were going the wrong way, but they told him they were taking a short cut.

He them told Deputy Hatcher that Lee said “this is it” and Shiver stopped the truck.  According to the report, this is when Lee opened the back door and had a big Bowie style knife in his hand and ordered him out of the truck.

At this time, the victim stated that Honrine pulled out a brownish colored semi automatic pistol out and pointed it at him.  Lee and and Honrine ordered him to undress.  The report states that the victim acted like he was going to fight them and Honrine pointed the gun away from him and fired a round off.  At this point, Honrine pointed the gun back at him and hit him in the head over his left eye with the pistol and knocked him down.  Lee andHonrine and Lee them snatched his clothes off leaving him in his underwear and socks.

The victim stated Lee and Honrine stole $60, a pack of cigarettes, and his cell phone,  The victim walked for a couple of hours before making it to the residence he stopped at.

When he ws asked by the deputy if Shaw had done anything during all this goin on, the victim said she was just sitting in the truck.  The victim provided a sworn statement of the incident.

Probable cause was found to apply for an arrest warrant for Treay Shiver for the following Florida Statutes:  Principal to Armed Robbery with a Firearm; Accessory After the Fact to Armed Robbery with a Firearm; Accesslry After the Fact to Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon; Accessory After the Fact to Discharging a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony; Accessory After the Fact to Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon

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