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Woman’s boyfriend jailed for abusing her child

A Blountstown man is behind bars accused of abusing his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter. Aaron Dupree Burkes, 24, has been charged with child abuse in the case. According to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Dep. Gary McGee responded to a call from Burkes’ girlfriend who stated the child’s father had picked her up and refused to return her. The father was located and showed the deputy bruises and marks all over the little girl’s body that appeared to be several days old and in a healing stage. The father reported he had found his daughter with the boyfriend and another female when he was driving down Elmore Avenue. The boyfriend, known to babysit the child frequently, handed her over to the father. During the exchange, the woman with him remarked that the child had been attacked by a dog. The deputy noted her bruises appeared to come from a belt and possibly a small stick or switch. The child’s mother denied noticing the bruises when she bathed the girl the previous night, but admitted Burkes told her earlier in the week he had “beat their tails,” referring to the two-year-old and her other children, stating it had rained and the kids got dirty, ruining their clothes.

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