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White is featured teacher

With a twinkle in her blue eyes, a stride that could lead an army, Mrs. Sandra White carries out her teaching duties daily at BHS. She is the lead teacher in the CCC (Calhoun County Challenge) classroom and along with her co-workers; she finds her days to be very active, full of life and on the go! Mrs. White has taught for twenty years, 13 years at BHS and 7 years at BMS. Her college background started at Valencia Community College (AA), then FSU (Bachelors and Masters), and finally FAMU (Certification in Ed Leadership). Mrs. White is a graduate from BHS, class of ’68, and has managed to keep the BHS campus beneath her feet and in her heart. The CCC classroom is located behind the lunchroom and has recently been remodeled, just walk in and see the colorful walls, spacious rooms, and the inviting, fun learning centers! Mrs. White is married to David White and they have a son, David Joe White. They also have two grandsons, Matthew and Drew. She as well has an intriguing extended family of 8 donkeys, Joe, Nick, Jake, Noah, Katie, Zeb, Boomer, and Jenny, and one mule, Miss Dixie Lily. Much of her “at home” time is spent caring for and training her animals. She trains her donkeys to ride and pull. You might have seen Mrs. White and Joe prancing down the street in a BHS Homecoming parade or more recently participating in the Redneck parade. Traveling is another passion of Mrs. White. She has been to the great states of Alaska and Hawaii, has ventured to Canada, Mexico, England, France, and has Italy scheduled for 2012! Her favorite book is anything written by Tom Clancy? That’s right! She finds his stories of the possibilities of what could happen in our country very captivating. Mrs. White certainly has a special and extraordinary spot at BHS. She will continue to strive for, protect, and teach her students. Her biggest pet peeve is students that could be successful but won’t and be assured she will see success and achievement in her students.

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