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What’s cooking?

By: Lesa Corlett and Cassie Taylor This year the BHS lunchroom is not only changing its image but also it’s transforming the nutritional choice. Instead of having to sit and look at plain white walls we now get to see our tiger pride splattered on the walls. As well, the BHS lunchroom program is providing not only nutritional, but tasty and scrumptious meals while staying within the requirements of the state school lunch program and staying within the budget. Each day we have pleasant and sociable lunchroom ladies that greet us as we walk in the line asking us how we are and how our day is going; as a result, they’re as friendly as Wal-mart greeters. Mrs. Sandra Dudley and Mrs. Stephanie Lee offer a healthy salad each day as an alternate to the healthy regular meal. Our very own Mrs. Vera Anderson, lunchroom manager, makes use of the talents and skills of our school lunch employees by allowing them to do some “Home Cooking”. Mrs. Cristle Taylor manages the “outtake store” which permits the students of BHS to purchase a variety of ice creams, chips, drinks and even meals such as chicken boats etc. Mrs. Michelle Pitts assists the students in putting in their lunch account numbers in the computer and checks the students out. The lunchroom staff is extremely dedicated and full of life. Mrs. Marie Granger, the District’s Nutrient Specialist, has submitted the Calhoun County’s mission statement for the lunchroom: “Our mission is to maintain a connection between sound nutrition and successful learning by providing the highest quality food and service possible. We are committed to creating a program to nourish and educate the hearts, minds, and body of children while serving healthy, delicious breakfast and lunch each day in a warm and friendly atmosphere.” The lunch menu can be viewed on the Blountstown High School’s website under school lunch menus. To check your child’s lunch account you can go to You will need your child’s student ID number which can be found on their schedules.

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