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Tiger weightlifters bring four medals home from state meet

Congratulations to these young men for their accomplishments at the Boys Weightlifting State meet Saturday in Lakeland. We had six to make it to state ( Artavious Jones,  Landon Switzer, James Duncan,  Savion Lofton, Ace Barfield,  and EJ Robinson) they all worked hard to get there. We had four to medal in their weight class. 

Artavious Jones was crowned the State Champion in Olympic lifting in the Unlimited weight class and he also received 2nd place in the Traditional lifting. Artavious received a State championship for the second consecutive year( last year Traditional champ), this is a great accomplishment for this young man. We are praying for him to continue his success at the next level for the Miami Hurricane football team. 

Landon Switzer placed 6th in Olympic lifting in the Unlimited weight class. This was Landon’s first year going to State and he done a great job. So proud of him, nothing but greater for him next year. 

James Duncan placed 6th in Olympic lifting in the 119 weight class. James done an excellent job throughout the season of being committed and working hard. It paid off for him at state. Great job baby!!

Savion Lofton (Hulk minnie me) placed 5th in Traditional lifting in the 154 weight class. So proud of this young man. This was his first year competing and I watch him get better as the year went on, from starting with a 135 lb clean and jerk to finishing with a 225 lb C&J. Savion went 6 for 6 on his lifts at state. He broke two personal records; bench from 275 to 285 and C&J from 215 to 225. All this was from the work he put in during the season. Great things to come for him. 

For EJ Robinson and Ace Barfield they competed hard but fell short of medaling. EJ had a chance to get 3rd in Olympic lifting in the 139 class but he chose to go for the win with a 275 lb C&J. When I say he gave it his all on that lift, he gave it all 139 lbs and some!! I am extremely proud of those young men for their love and hard work. 

Coach Charles Buggs

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