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Tiger lifters win District Championship

District Weightlifting – Regional Qualifers

101- Lily Brown 3rd Traditional, 2nd Olympic 

Chloe Barfield 7th Traditional, 3rd Olympic 

110-Aubree Whitfield 1st Traditional, 2nd Olympic 

Hollie Durden 6th Traditional

Madison Parker 6th Olympic

119- Marley Barfield 3rd Traditional, 3rd Olympic 

Courtney Smith 4th Traditional, 4th Olympic 

129- Layla Goins 1st Traditional, 1st Olympic 

Sarah Ward 4th Traditional, 5th Olympic 

139- Heather Mears 3rd Traditional, 4th Olympic 

Cheyenne Barfield 11th Traditional, 11th Olympic 

154- Kayelin Green 2nd Traditional, 2nd Olympic 

Allison Granados 4th Traditional, 5th Olympic 

169- Kloee Bailey 2nd Traditional, 3rd Olympic 

Jesslyn Sawyer 7th Traditional, 6th Olympic 

183- Kayden Bailey 2nd Traditional, 2nd Olympic 

Ebony Atkins 4th Traditional, 5th Olympic 

199- Carleigh Cook 4th Traditional, 4th Olympic 

Alex Medina 7th Traditional, 8th Olympic 

UNL-Ashya White 1st Traditional, 2nd Olympic 

KK Fleck 3rd Traditional, 5th Olympic

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