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Teacher Feature

by: Trent Smith Whoa! Take a step into this teacher’s classroom and find true team loyalty utterly blazing! A parade of blue and orange brightens the smile of anyone who dares enter Auburn Alley. Have a seat, and you’ll soon discover that even her abundant amount of team spirit is nothing compared to her sense of love and dedication for not only teaching, but for each and every student passing through her B.H.S. classroom. Who is this epitome of inspiration? Read on to find out. Last Thursday I had the chance to slow down and interview Mrs. Debra Betts of Blountstown High School. Over the course of about thirty minutes, I learned much about Mrs. Betts as a teacher and a friend. Mrs. Betts was born and raised in Alexander City, Alabama. Due to a job offer her husband received near here, she and her husband moved to Blountstown. Her favorite music includes music wonders such as The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Nancy Sinatra, and Petula Clark. Mrs. Betts enjoys reading to a great degree – her favorite book being Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns. Mrs. Betts has an astounding twenty-five years in the field of teaching. She found her calling as a social studies teacher but soon found a new love – English. She has been teaching at B.H.S. going on eight years. Mrs. Betts is an alumni of both Central Alabama Community College and, of course, Auburn University. While attending CACC, she received an associate’s degree in science and then transferred to AU to achieve a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in education. Mrs. Betts graduated with high honors from both universities. When asked if she would like to achieve any additional degrees, she explained her satisfaction with teaching. Mrs. Betts loves to tell her life stories. I was amused to hear the one she shared with me during the interview. Who doesn’t want the luxury of a car, right? What’s really special is one’s first car! She got her car and quickly dreamt up the color she desired. She envisioned a smooth, light orange color for her beauty. Dad, of course, had to be of some assistance. He offered to take care of getting the car painted – her cousin being a car painter. When the car was finished, she was told that it wasn’t exactly what she had wanted. The car came out to be the brightest tomato red imaginable. Noticing that her father felt that he had failed, she cheerfully noted, “Hey, at least I’ll be able to find it in the parking lot!” Mrs. Betts also includes quotes into her list of favorites. One quote that she admires is one of faith. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” – Unknown author. Mrs. Debra Betts is truly a being of wisdom, love, and dedication. Never am I left uninspired.

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