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Teacher Feature

by Tarak Amin Dr. Quentin Henderson is an individual who has great knowledge in teaching and has been a teacher since August of 1988. Any individual who has had Dr. Henderson as a teacher in the science field (Physics, A&P, Chemistry, etc…) can tell you the passion that he possesses for teaching students. I recently had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Henderson and in the process I learned that Dr. Henderson is a very well-educated individual. Dr. Henderson actually attended five different colleges/universities after graduating from Childress High School in Texas. Dr. Henderson was a Naval Flight Officer, earning his flight wings on the 27th of May, 1968. He flew a P-3 Orion for four years. He pursued his goals of mastering Religion and Medicine by further educating himself by attending Texas A&M for seven years, McMurry University for three and a half years, SMU for half a year, FSU for two and a half years, and Chipola College for two and a half years. After going to so many colleges/universities he earned his DVM as a certified veterinarian and along the way he earned his BA from McMurry Univ. and his BS from Texas A&M. He was still motivated to become a teacher. Dr. Henderson credits his 11th grade high school Vocational Agricultural teacher with influencing him to become a teacher. When asked whether or not Dr. Henderson enjoys his job as a veterinarian more than being a teacher, he simply exclaims that he loves both of his jobs equally. Dr. Henderson moved to Blountstown, Florida because of his love of the Apalachicola National Forest and also because there are many of his wife’s relatives around Blountstown. Having been married since May 1969, he loves his family and tells me that the most precious gift he has ever received is his family of four daughters. Dr. Henderson’s four daughters (Caralleen, Michele, Janet, and Sharon) have all graduated from Blountstown High School and are all currently working in Florida. Dr. Henderson has a total of 6 grandchildren – Caralleen, Michele, and Janet each have two children. Caralleen is a Physical Therapist in Tallahassee, Florida; Michele is a Registered Nurse who works in Jackson County; Janet is a 1st grade teacher at Blountstown Elementary School; and Sharon works at Blountstown Drugs as a Pharmacist Technician and is also a certified public school teacher. The most fascinating fact that I discovered about Dr. Henderson through interviewing him was that his wife was a direct descendant of Pierre El’ Enfant (the engineer for George Washington). After learning that his favorite hobbies are driving a tractor and managing grass pastures, it was no surprise to me when Dr. Henderson said that his favorite genre of music is mainly country western of the 1950’s. Knowing that Doc is a very well-rounded and educated man, it’s obvious that he enjoys reading. Without hesitation, Dr. Henderson told me that his favorite book was an historical account written by Stephen E. Ambrose called D-Day. After interviewing Dr. Henderson, I as a student, was able to learn and better understand one of the most influential and friendly teachers at Blountstown High School.

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