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Teacher Feature

by Brittany Griffin Last year Blountstown High School welcomed a new Teacher onto its staff, Mrs. Rachel Edminson. A first year teacher and what better place to start than BHS! Mrs. Edminson was born in Lexington, Kentucky. She moved to Southern Georgia and attended middle school in Blakely, Georgia. She finally made it to where she calls home in 2000, Bonifay, Florida. She attended Holmes County High School where she played Volleyball her 10th grade year and was involved in NHS and Beta club. Also she was a Mathlete. When she mentioned she was a mathlete she also had to mention that they “won a lot.” Her favorite class in high school was art. This surprised me considering she teaches science and was a mathlete. Mrs. Edminson graduated from HCHS in 2004 being voted most talented by her senior class. After graduating from HCHS, Mrs. Edminson decided to pursue a teaching degree from Chipola Junior College. She received a degree in Science Education and is also certified in Biology, Integrated Curriculum, and Middle School Science. In College, Mrs. Edminson helped found the Future Educators Club where she served as founding Treasurer. She graduated from Chipola in 2008. In August of 2008, Mrs. Edminson settled into her first classroom. Over the last year she has decorated her classroom with some of her artistic taste including a tiger she painted on the back wall of the room. Mrs. Edminson teaches Integrated Science, Biology, and Advanced Placement Biology. She is also a sophomore sponsor and serves as an assistant coach for the volleyball team. When I asked Mrs. Edminson about her favorite book, I learned yet another unusual thing about her. She loves to read. She brought in a whole series called The Wayfarer Redemption. The series includes seven books written by Sara Douglass. In her spare time, Mrs. Edminson enjoys playing volleyball at her house with her husband Robbie and their friends. Her favorite movie is Labyrinth and Maticalla is at the top of her list of music choices. When it comes to football “it’s great to be a Florida Gator.” Her favorite T.V. show is NCIS. She is hooked and convinced that there is nothing better and I agree. LJG, for NCIS fans, is her favorite character. Mrs. Edminson, to me, was not your average Science teacher. She is very outgoing and she enjoys teaching. Her students are always looking forward to the exciting labs she has planned for them. While Mrs. Edminson is goofy and easy to get side-tracked, her students enjoy learning and are, for the most part, willing to do whatever she asks of them.

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