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by Cassie Taylor For any of you who do not know Mr. Sidney Granger, I would like to use this article to help you become better acquainted with him. Mr. Granger, of Blountstown High School, graduated from Altha High School, attended Chipola Junior College and earned his Bachelors degree from Auburn University. His wife also attended Auburn and they are both die hard Auburn Tiger fans. After graduating from college Mr. Granger worked in a family cabinet making business for several years before he came to BHS to teach Cabinet Making Classes and coach at BHS as well as AHS. When asked what his favorite book was, Mr. Granger stated, “I do not have any one particular book as a favorite. I enjoy reading about sports, hunting, fishing and anything concerning how to construct or build things.” He does not find time to read often, but when he gets the chance he always has books about basketball, fishing and hunting available. In addition to his cabinet making classes, Mr. Granger sponsors the local chapter of VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America). In this club students learn to work together, develop life skills and develop pride in what they do. To become a VICA member, students must enroll in Cabinet Making and have a 2.0 GPA. Our local VICA club works on projects for churches as well as other groups. We enjoy cookouts that feature a variety of foods which including but not limited to, steaks, chicken, seafood, deer meat and many other delicious dishes. In addition to teaching, coaching, hunting and fishing, Mr. Granger enjoys spending time with his family. His wife, Mrs. Marie Granger, teaches at AHS and assists with the district lunch program. His son, Greg Granger, and his daughter, Carylee Sewell, both teach at Carr School. Greg works with the baseball team at BHS and Carylee helps coach girls’ sports at AHS. Mr. Granger takes great pleasure in spending time with his five grandchildren. Probably his favorite thing to do outside work and family is traveling to the hunting club in Alabama where he has been a member for many years. I asked Mr. Granger his opinion of his 2009-2010 classes and his reply was, “Every year is like a new beginning in which I have new students that learn who I am and I learn who they are. Hopefully we can develop a relationship in which they can help me and me them.” In conclusion, Mr. Granger would like to encourage all of the students that he works with to always try to do the very best that they can in classes, sports and life.

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