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Teacher Feature

by Amber Barton There’s a new Tiger in town, Salena Flowers, but Mrs. Flowers as we know her. She is our new Algebra teacher coming from Marianna. She has a wonderful sense of humor, great style, and always has a smile on her face. This week I had a chance to sit down with her and chat with her. I asked her a lot of random questions about her life, and we had a few laughs. Mrs. Flowers is currently married to Mr. Jason Flowers; their first child will arrive at the end of the year. As a child she moved around a lot because her father was in the Navy. She was born in Texas, lived in South Florida one year, Virginia Beach for several years, California 3 years, and then she came to Marianna High School for her Senior Year. She was one of the first graduates of the Chipola Bachelor Program. She taught Math in Marianna for four years. Mrs. Flowers got married and moved to Wewa, on October 18th, 2008. Her favorite subject besides algebra is science, and if she weren’t a teacher she would be a song artist. Maybe we’ll get to hear her sing one day. Currently her favorite hobbies/sports are music, cooking, and Zumba. Her favorite genre of music would be Christian, and her favorite song is, The Revelation Song. Between FSU and UF her favorite team is UF, Go Gators!! Mrs. Flowers’ favorite flower is the orchid. As I said in the beginning, she has a great sense of style. I asked what her favorite clothes brand was and I enjoyed her answer, “I shop clearance,” and I agreed, that’s where you find the best clothes deals a lot of the time. Mrs. Flowers is very different from other teachers; it’s in a good way though. Her teaching is very understandable. Currently she is trying to make a Math Remake of the, “Electric Slide,” she was telling us this in my 6th Period class. Mrs. Flowers can be a little different at times but I know that’s the one thing that we Blountstown High students love about her. We are truly honored to have Mrs. Flowers as one of our new teachers.

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