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by Casey Johnson Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Don’t cry. Sad faces are nonexistent in Mrs. DeAngelis’ English class. Constructive learning, hands-on teaching, and pure joy, make up a normal day in her class. Books about mysterious phenomena, life in the olden days, and wacky stories that provide merriment in one’s mind, are just a few of the types of stories we read. Reading has never been as fun and engaging as it is in Mrs. DeAngelis’ class. Rachel DeAngelis is a new teacher at BHS. She teaches 9th grade English at our school and enjoys it very much. I had the chance to sit down and discuss how she likes it here and got to hear some interesting stories and anecdotes of hers. Being that Mrs. DeAngelis was a new teacher, I asked her how she liked BHS so far. She replied exuberantly, “I really like it here, everybody’s been very welcoming!” She has had experience in teaching English before. Last year she taught at South Effingham High School in Guyton, Georgia, which is right outside of Savannah, Georgia. Her husband found a job in Tallahassee so she set off to find a new school to call her home. Few jobs were actually open in this area, but she found BHS and saw that if fit her liking immensely. Keep in mind though, that Mrs. DeAngelis lives in Tallahassee. To drive an hour back and forth everyday takes true dedication! When receiving a new job that you like, you always set goals and achievements for yourself; Mrs. DeAngelis was kind enough to share with me what she hoped to achieve here at BHS. To get better at teaching and become a wise, highly educated instructor is something that she is working very hard to reach. Learning to teach things more effectively, whether learning from a fellow teacher, or learning from students, is another goal that Mrs. DeAngelis sees to achieve in her future here at Blountstown High. When asked is she hoped to stay at BHS for awhile, she couldn’t answer soon enough, “Definitely,” that one word sums up her admiration for this school. Mrs. DeAngelis is very easy to get to know. At the beginning of the year she had students fill out forms with information, this could be personal or not. She was surprised at how open some of the students were; they knew that they could trust her just from her humble aura. When in school Mrs. DeAngelis was a self proclaimed “nerdy kid, who answered all the questions, sat at the front of the class, and enjoyed school very much.” She knows how it is for those who adore school, and knows how it can be for those who despise it. Conforming her teaching methods to accommodate each and every kids’ likes, is something Mrs. DeAngelis does very well. Who doesn’t love to draw and color a picture of a scene from a book? Everyone should want to have Mrs. DeAngelis as their English teacher, I’m happy to say that I do. She embodies all the requirements that a teacher should have. Exciting charisma and a kind and modest personality is all wrapped up inside her. If you want a class that you learn in, but at the same time you have fun and do awesome assignments, then apply for English with Mrs. DeAngelis!

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