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Teacher Feature

by Samuel Hurtado A teacher that we all look up to, Mrs. Curl…Perhaps one of the tallest female teachers to ever teach in the “History” of BHS… standing at a towering 5’11. She was born on an army base in Frankfurt, Germany (that’s pretty far away). Since Mrs. Curl’s father was in the Army she never lived in one place for too long, but when she turned 9 she was finally able to settle down in Altha, Florida, where she graduated from Altha School. I asked her why she wanted to be a teacher and she simply said, “It’s what I’ve always wanted to do since I was a kid.” I was curious to know why she wanted to teach History, Mrs. Curl replied, “I read the book Little House on the Prairie and just wanted to teach History ever since. Mrs. Curl has taught for 19 years (which is longer than most of us kids have been alive). She also teaches Dual Enrollment American History/World History. When I asked her what college she went to I was astounded to hear that she’s been to 5 different schools including…Chipola, UWF, FSU, FAMU, and Troy (that’s a lot!). Eventually she decided to stick with one college, UWF, which is where she graduated. She received a Master’s degree and a Teaching Certificate. Besides being an awesome teacher she’s also the wife of Robert Curl and the mother of Taylor and Chase. Mrs. Curl’s awesome hobbies are knitting, reading, scrap booking, and the occasional…WHITE WATER RAFTING! Her favorite book is “Lord of the Rings” (I was surprised). Mrs. Curl’s favorite movie is, “O Brother Where Art Thou” (I wonder what it’s about?). I bet you’ll never guess what Mrs. Curl’s favorite meal is…its chocolate and coffee (she’s so weird). I also came to find out that she’s an animal lover…she has two dogs, Sandy and Annie. Well…that’s all the information I could get out of her before she kicked me out of her room.

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