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Teacher Feature

by Cory Baldwin Who is the smallest, most energetic, always in a rush, and funniest teacher at Blountstown High School (BHS)? Whose classroom has to almost always be in perfect order? Who’s the most oblivious, yet on track teacher at BHS? That’s right Mrs. Howell. Being in her math classes over the past four years I have gotten to know Mrs. Howell, but when interviewing her I learned there is more than meets the eye. Everyone who has been in her class believes they know everything about Mrs. Howell from the stories she tells in class. I was educated on the Mrs. Howell that isn’t shown completely at school by her actions or brief tales. Mrs. Howell’s story starts out here in Blountstown, Florida where she grew up. She dreamed as a child of one day becoming wealthy and somewhat famous. She explained that her favorite subject in school was you guessed it, mathematics. Her ideal occupation was to be a math teacher. Mrs. Howell is a former cheerleader from BHS and her school spirit is still shown. She graduated from Blountstown High School in 1989. Mrs. Howell then attended many colleges including: Chipola for two years earning an Associates Degree, FSU for four years earning a BS degree in Math Education for grades 6th-12th, FAMU earning her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, and Troy for her dual enrollment certification. She began teaching at Altha School in 1993. She taught there for six years before joining the faculty at BHS in 1999. She’s been at BHS for the last eleven years, and is currently an adjunct instructor at Chipola College. In the school year of 2009 Mrs. Howell earned her National Board Certification. Mrs. Howell is married to her high school sweetheart, Ray Howell. They have two children Thomas and Caroline. She enjoys attending church every time the doors are open. In spare time she carries out her strong belief and love for Christ by reading her favorite book, The Holy Bible. Her favorite type of music is anything with a catchy beat that she can dance to. She is probably known as the most athletic teacher here at BHS. You are more likely to catch her running in a local 5k or teaching a Zumba dance class than to find her sitting at home watching TV. Although, she does enjoy watching her favorite mystery based shows such as, Castle an ABC television series. Mrs. Howell is involved in many school related functions. She is the National Honor Society (NHS) sponsor, and she’s constantly stressed over Tiger’s Growl for Homecoming, or the NHS Induction. In the end she keeps her “cool” and pulls it all off. I remember as a freshman she was a whole new experience. I was not used to the fast paced teaching methods. Now I can’t see a day going by without stopping by her classroom to at least say “Hey”. Mrs. Howell truly has earned the spotlight and credit she is given here at BHS and with recognition as a National Board Certified teacher.

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