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Teacher Feature

by Rafael Askiew Mrs. Nancy Mears is the perfect example of a hard working, well-rounded, passionate mother. She cherishes spending time with her family. Her husband is Chris Mears and they have a son, Collin and twin daughters Brooks Ann and Allyson. There are also three pets in the household, one of which is a canine drug dog. Scrapbooking and reading occupy her leisure time. Her favorite book is “The Wedding” by Nicholas Sparks. Her favorite food is anything that someone else makes. However, her favorite foods to prepare are easy, delicious, and attractive appetizers. The most relaxing vacation spot for her would be some place cool near a babbling brook. This would be soothing to her complex and busy everyday life. Mrs. Mears chose teaching as her primary profession ahead of becoming a jeweler or a photographer. After graduating from Altha High in 1991, she attended Chipola College getting her AA, and then went on to FSU where she earned her degree of Family and Consumer Sciences. She teaches Early Childhood I and II, Interior Design I and II, Hope, and Culinary Arts I, II, and III. She has taught at BHS for twelve years and has educated many students in the confines of her cozy, warm, and homey classroom/kitchen. This week, her classes baked 500 cupcakes for the “PINK” rib dinner sale; just another week at BHS. The biggest difference she has seen in her curriculum of teaching has been the change of teaching living skills to vocational skills. Family togetherness serves as an inspiration for her as she prepares to teach her classes which make her a phenomenal and extra special educator at Blountstown High School.

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