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by Cassie Taylor Around the same time each year we come to realize what or who we truly are Thankful for. On this day November 26, I would like everyone at BHS and every where else to know that as a student at Blountstown High School, who eats lunchroom food, I am thankful for our lunchroom ladies, Mrs. Vera Anderson (group manager), Mrs. Sandra Dudley (main cook), Mrs. Cristle Taylor (outtake manager), Mrs. Catherine Sheppard (manages the student accounts), and Mrs. Marie McDaniel (helps serve the line, and washes dishes). Each day of the year, the BHS lunchroom staff makes everyday the best. Before I go on I would like to note that all of the ladies named above help each other out. No one has one specific job. I’m sure I speak for the entire BHS student body, faculty and staff when I say, “Thank you. We truly do appreciate all the hard work you put into the food when serving us our daily nutritional meals.” You always know how to make us smile. For example, when you walk into the kitchen you can hear Mrs. Dudley singing her favorite song, and see Mrs. Taylor picking at the students making them laugh uncontrollably. Or even see Mrs. Anderson tease the students and joke around with them. Also, Mrs. Sheppard who makes the lunchroom feel homey by decorating it with bright colors and nearby is Mrs. McDaniel, who is just always quiet and smiling. You just cannot help but grin. You all make the day brighten up a bit even though you might not believe so. Right now the BHS lunch ladies are making a special Thanksgiving dinner for all to enjoy. They are working non stop to make it truly special. I know this because when I took the picture, they almost killed me, because I had to get them to stop cooking for just one moment. So you can tell they truly are dedicated to what they do. So, once again, the BHS campus and I would like to say, “Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. You deserve ever bit of it.”

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