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State says BPD chief has to retire

The Blountstown City Council and Police Chief Glenn Kimbrel recently debated whether or not Kimbrel had to retire next month. This week, we find out what state officials say about the matter. As reported in last week’s edition, Chief Kimbrel decided five years ago to retire and signed an agreement with the DROP – Florida’s deferred retirement program, setting his five year retirement date at that time. Upon retirement, he receives a lump sum, plus monthly retirement payments. However, he told the Council at a special meeting last month he has changed his mind about retiring and wants to stay on as chief. The Council learned that the City will be penalized $34,000 if they allow Kimbrel to continue in his post after his Jan. 31 retirement date, unless the City agrees to wait six months to hire him back. The Florida Department of Management Services has given their legal opinion on the matter after city officials wanted answers. “You inquired about whether a member participating in the DROP has a right to continue employment after participating in the program for 60 calendar months. The answer is no,” stated Elizabeth R. Stevens, Assistant General Counsel. For the full story, check out this week’s print edition.

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