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State Representative Marti Coley visits Altha School

By: Kayla Hires This past Tuesday, one of Florida’s State Representatives, Marti Coley, paid Altha School’s American Government classes a visit. The seniors listened attentively as Mrs. Coley explained the structure of the House of Representatives. The seniors learned that the Speaker of the House is the most important person in the House, and he/she decides which committee hears which bill. They also learned that in the State of Florida, there are 120 House members, and Mrs. Coley represents nine counties, including Calhoun and Jackson. After Mrs. Coley spent some time telling about the things that influenced her into going into politics and the main structure of the house, she gave the students an opportunity to ask questions. We appreciate Mrs. Coley taking some time out of her busy schedule to visit Altha.

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