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Snafu at polls with city ballot; city runoff election is planned

Election day went smooth in Calhoun County last Tuesday with the exception of a snafu at one precinct. According to Margie Laramore, Supervisor of Elections, it was discovered early in the day that voters at the Scout House precinct on South Pear Street were not receiving their city ballot. “[Poll workers] eventually discovered it and 31 voters had voted,” Laramore reports, adding that both city and county voters use that precinct and only county ballots were given out. Laramore immediately gathered a list of the 31 who had cast ballots and started dialing. “I got in touch with nine of them,” she remarks, adding that some laughed it off and didn’t seem to mind. They were all given the option to come to the Elections office and vote a provisional ballot for the city race. “It was an honest mistake,” says Laramore. “I did the best I could with what happened.” Fortunately, the 31 ballots would not have made a difference in the close Council race. After provisional ballots were counted, Clifford Jackson had 319 and Roy Pickron came in a close second with 302. Beverly Veressa followed with 100. Since neither of the top two vote getters had 50 percent plus one, a runoff election is planned next month. The Blountstown City Council was expected to set the runoff date at their meeting Tuesday (details unavailable at press time).

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