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Sheriff’s Log For 02-11-10

CALHOUN COUNTY Feb. 1: Simon Hathaway, state VOP; Darlene Terry, failure to appear; Clifford Phillips, county VOP Feb. 2: James Edwin Young, battery; Gayla Krause, domestic battery; Terri Lynn Butler, disorderly intoxication (Bay Co.) Feb. 3: Robert Sterns Tibbets, VOP, DWLSR with knowledge; Leslie Ray Widener, Jr., failure to appear; Willie W. Mosley, suspended sentence violation Feb. 4: Michael W. Sparks II, VOP; Tonya Jo Putnam, DWLSR with knowledge; Brandon Williams, DWLSR with knowledge Feb. 5: Hector Rolando Lopez Domingo, domestic battery; Kalana Weeks, failure to appear; Charles Rocky Clemons, possession l/t 20 grams marijuana Feb. 6: Christopher Hellen, possession l/t 20 grams marijuana; Jonathan Brown, DWLSR with knowledge; Pablo Simon-Chavez, no valid drivers license LIBERTY COUNTY Jan. 29: Predo Bostick, court; Alice Godwin, hold for CCSO Jan. 30: William Frank Boden, criminal mischief Feb. 2: Suzanne Marie Smith, passing worthless bank checks; Dannyelle White, battery, criminal mischief; Tara Earl, possession schedule 3 and schedule 4 drugs (Lortab & Xanax); Charles Dutton, DUI; Paul Johan Jones, failure to appear Feb. 3: Gayla Krause, holding for CCSO; Terri Lynn Butler, holding for CCSO Feb. 4: Tonya Jo Putnam, holding for CCSO; Ricky Price, VOP The above individuals were booked into the Calhoun or Liberty County Jail over the past week. Although they have been charged with a crime, they are considered innocent until proven guilty.

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