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Seniors 2010

Graduation is closer every day for the 2010 seniors and the signs are everywhere. On Tuesday, January 12th, Blountstown High School hosted a financial aid workshop for seniors and parents presented by representatives from the Department of Education. In attendance were the 2010 seniors from BHS and Altha High. The presentation was held in the auditorium and topics included FAFSA, Pell Grant, Florida Student Assistance Grant, and other state scholarships. In addition, seniors were provided packets for the local scholarships available through businesses, organizations, and individual benefactors. BHS Seniors may see Guidance for any scholarship information and questions. Another sign has been several college representatives visiting the BHS campus. FAMU, FSU, Troy, and UWF have meet with interested seniors and Mrs. Waller, the Guidance Counselor, says they are expecting more colleges to visit.

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