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Second Annual 5K, Fun Run at Torreya Park raises $545

The Calhoun and Liberty County Health Department Healthy Communities, Healthy People program held their second annual 5K and Fun Run Saturday March 13 at Torreya State Park. We would like to thank Steve Cutshaw the Park Manger for all his help during this event. Liberty County is very fortunate to have this beautiful state park and such great people to work with. There were a total of 37 participants who ran, jogged or walked. This was our second 5K and we raised a total of $545.00 for Relay For Life. We would like to thank the Piggly Wiggly and Pepsi for their contributions. We also would like to thank Joe Edgecomb with Draggin Tail Run , Michael Collins, Shann Layne, Angie Bracewell, Judy Barber, Pam McDaniel from the Calhoun and Liberty County Health Departments, Amanda Long and Mercedes Gammons from SWAT, Monica Brinkley, Shellie King and Cathia Schmarge from the Liberty County Extension Office for all of their help. It is wonderful to partner with such great community members and sponsor an event for such a good cause. This was a great way to raise money for The American Cancer Society and to promote physical activity which leads to a healthier lifestyle. We look forward to working with these wonderful partners for future events. We hope to see everyone again next year for our 3rd annual 5K. Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in age categories. Male overall winner: Devin Ferrell Male age 14-19: 1st – Alfonso Hernandez and 2nd Ben Harger Male age 25-29: 1st David Honigs and 2nd Abel Correa Male age 30-34: 1st Mark Clements and 2nd Bryan Kreiter Male age 35 – 39: 1st John Sewell and 2nd Jason Wright 3rd James Melzer Male age 40-44: 1st Kirk Watson and 2nd Lloyd Harger Male age 45-49: 1st Michael MacMullin and 2nd Terry McDowell Male age 50-54: 1st Greg Harden Male age 55-59: 1st Glen Kimbrel Male 60 and up: 1st John Shuler Female overall winner: Marty Kirkland Female age 20-24: 1st Mary Frances Nieminen Female age 25-29: 1st Kelli Bartholomen and 2nd Nicole Correa and 3rd Stefanie McDaniel Female age 30-35: 1st Edna Alford and 2nd Robin Barfield and 3rd Jessica Bennett Female age 36-37: 1st Dawn Sullivant and 2nd Shelby Watson and 3rd Kristin Gandy Female age 38-39: 1st Allyson Howell and 2nd Ivy Harger Female age 44-49: 1st Gwen Cooper and 2nd Susan Concar Female age 50-54: 1st Sue Price and 2nd Diane Harden Fun Run Winners were: 1st Blake Barber, 2nd Megan Hirsch and 3rd Lauren Harger. If you would like to learn more about the Healthy Communities, Healthy People program please contact Susan Chafin at the Liberty County Health Department at 850-643-2415 ext. 245 .

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