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Sandra Waller featured teacher

by Sam Hurtado Let me introduce to you the finest guidance counselor imaginable, Ms. Sandra Waller. Did you know that she has 31 years of guidance counseling experience? That’s a lot! She came to BHS for a change and she wanted to meet new people. This is Ms. Waller’s third year here, and she is still coming on strong! She is originally from Marianna where she was employed with the Jackson County School System for 32 years. Soon after graduation she attended FSU to earn a degree in Elementary Education. She then attended Troy State where she received her Masters in Guidance and Counseling. Outside of school, Ms.Waller loves to swim (aerobics). She also loves to read, travel the world, and dance (she swears to me she’s a great dancer). Some of the places she has traveled to are: Alaska, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas. She really, really wants to go to Hawaii. Her favorite book of all time is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Her next goal is to skydive (mine too). Her birthday is July 11th (presents are encouraged!). Ms.Waller has the same favorite holiday as me, Christmas. She likes to get together with friends and family and share gifts and stories. Ms. Waller has two children, Elyssa and Garyn. Elyssa is a Chiropractor, and Garyn is a P.E. teacher and soccer coach. Ms.Waller loves her job so much. She told me “Even though it’s a juggling act, I wouldn’t want it any other way.” She just loves the BHS faculty, community, students, parents, and District office staff; she is happy that they are always so supportive and kind. She also said “My door is always open to the community if they ever need anything.” Remember, Ms.Waller is more than just our counselor… she is a friend to you, me, and the community.

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