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Ryals Requests Funding From Governor Crist

Calhoun County School Board Member Danny Ryals (district 1) had a chance to personally deliver a request for funding on the new Blountstown High School to Governor Charlie Crist. A private reception was recently held for Gov. Crist at the home of Drs. Tracey and Sarah Clemmons in Marianna. “I was begging for dollars,” Ryals tells The County Record. “I got a promise that we would receive the second year monies of $12 million!” Ryals hand delivered a letter from Calhoun County School Superintendent Tommy McClellan thanking Gov. Crist for his assistance in obtaining funds to begin construction on the new high school. “However, we were only awarded the first year of funding of a two year project,” McClellan explained in his letter, adding, “This was the first time our district had ever asked for any facilities money from the state to build a new school. We would be so very grateful if you could help us obtain that second year of funding so that we can complete our school project.” Superintendent McClellan also noted that Calhoun County has been an “A” school district for six years in a row.

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