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Rising Sunshine State Scholars

Seven BHS 9th grade students received certificates of recognition as “Rising Sunshine State Scholars” for their 8th grade FCAT scores in Math and Science! Casey Johnson, Justin Woods, Kristen Jenkins, Staci Mayo, Jake Brown, Karah Beaver, and Brandon Purvis all achieved levels of 5 in the mathematics and a 4 or 5 in the science portions of the 8th grade FCAT. The Sunshine State Scholars Program (SSSP) is an unofficial recognition program for students in Florida who have excelled in mathematics and science. Created in 1997 by a group of teachers, Florida DOE representatives, and university faculty, the program has received support annually from the DOE, including the Florida Institute of Education and the Florida Education Foundation have been strong supporters of the program. In order to qualify as a Rising Sunshine State Scholar, the student must get a 5.0 on the FCAT Math Test and at least a 4.0 in the FCAT Science Test. Congratulations to these Rising Sunshine State Scholars!

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