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Red Ribbon Week

By Devin Ferrell This year Altha School is “PAWS”itively DRUG FREE and Red Ribbon Week is October 26-30. During this week the staff and kids will be participating in different games and events. The schedule is as follows: Monday 10/26- “Put drugs to sleep”-Wear your pajamas (must be school appropriate) middle school and high school games will be from 2:10 to 2:40. Tuesday 10/27- “Double the fight against drugs”- get a partner and dress like twins; Elementary games will be from 1:45 to 2:15 Wednesday 10/28- “Lei off drugs”- dress Hawaiian- every teacher, staff, and student will receive a lei on Wednesday morning. Middle and high school students will report to the gym after 3rd period roll call and elementary students report to the gym at 1:00 for a guest speaker. Thursday 10/29- “Drugs are ridiculous”-dress crazy, mix and match, or tacky. Friday 10/30- Everyone will dress in your class’s autumn fest theme. Autumn fest will be held at the Altha softball field from 6 to 8 pm Wednesday’s guest speaker, Gary Permenter, will also be speaking at area youth rallies. The first rally is Wednesday night from 6 to 8 at the Altha gym. On Thursday, he will be speaking from 6 to 8 at the Altha First Baptist Church. The last rally will be on Friday from 9 – 11 (after Autumn Fest) at the Altha Church of God. Gary Permenter is a speaker, minister, and friend who desires to help individuals be who God intends for them to be so that they can do what he intends for them to do. Gary’s preaching is warm, practical, insightful, and never boring. Everyone is invited to come out for the guest speaker at any of these events. Red ribbon week is sponsored by FCA.

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