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‘One pot’ meth lab is busted

The Calhoun-Liberty Drug Task Force netted four arrests last Wednesday after discovering the makings of a meth lab. Arrested were Kayla Leanne Burke, 21, Eric James O’Bryan, 21, Larry Wade McClendon, 34, and Brittany Nicole Seaton, 21. According to the Blountstown Police Department, Ofc. Timothy Partridge, along with Sgt. Mark Mallory, Dep. Eddie Dalton, and Inv. Michael Bryant of the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office and Inv. Todd Wheetley of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, received information that methamphetamine was being manufactured at Burke’s residence on Franklin Street. The officers decided to do a “knock and talk” at the home Wednesday night. Burke opened the door and gave permission for the officers to enter and speak with her. Also at the residence were O’Bryan, McClendon, and Seaton. Once inside, officers immediately detected a strong chemical odor and asked if they could conduct a search. Burke consented, but said they could search every room in the house except one that belonged to a roommate named “Lee” who was not home. Burke led authorities to the bedroom she shared with McClendon and admitted she had some marijuana on the night stand. Ofc. Partridge lifted a sheet and discovered a Pyrex dish containing a razor blade and white powder substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine. A green bottle was found in the room and Sgt. Mallory identified it as a “work in progress reaction vessel” for manufacturing meth using the “one pot” method. After the meth was found, the officers searched the bedroom belonging to “Lee” and found two orange plastic containers with a white powder substance that field tested positive for meth. A one pot cook lab was also discovered on the back porch of the home. Other items revealed in the search included ammonium nitrate, pseudoephedrine, lithium, Coleman fuel, charcoal lighter fluid, and acid – all ingredients used in the manufacture of meth. Burke told authorities she smoked meth, but had no knowledge of it being cooked. McClendon stated he was cooking the meth that was found in the bedroom he shared with Burke. O’Bryan, who was employed as a correctional officer at Gulf Correctional Institution at the time of his arrest, said he was staying at the home throughout the week and using meth. Seaton said she had no knowledge of the drug activity, but investigators noted she was at the kitchen sink washing dishes and putting them away which suggested she had knowledge of the residence. All four were charged with manufacture of meth, possession of meth, and possession of listed chemicals. Burke and McClendon were also charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. They were all booked into the Calhoun County Jail.

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