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Ofc. Partridge Seizes Pound Of Pot

A Cottondale teen landed behind bars Sunday night after being caught with close to a pound of pot while driving through Blountstown. The 17-year-old boy, unidentified due to his age, was reportedly awaiting a court date in Jackson County this week on another marijuana charge. According to the Blountstown Police Department, Ofc. Timothy Partridge was patrolling on SR 71 just before 10 p.m. when he spotted a vehicle without a tag light and an obscured tag. He pulled the vehicle over at the intersection of SR 20 and Charlie Johns Street. The driver appeared extremely nervous, had rapid, shallow breathing, uncontrollable shaking, and was sweating. While speaking with the boy, Ofc. Partridge smelled a strong odor of raw marijuana. He asked the teen to step from the vehicle and he became more nervous and acted as though he might faint. When asked about the marijuana smell, the teen said he had some marijuana in the front floor. Two passengers were asked to step out of the vehicle and a large gallon size bag of marijuana was retrieved from the passenger side floor. The teen then stated the marijuana was his and his friends had no knowledge of it. The boy also allegedly said he was taking the pot to a guy at Mexico Beach to sell for $1300. The marijuana weighed in at 450 grams. The teen was charged with possession of a controlled substance, more than 20 grams of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Back at the police station, the boy changed his story during his sworn statement and said the marijuana was his, but he wasn’t going to sell the drugs. He was turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice. Ofc. Partridge was assisted by Ofc. Scotty Norris in the investigation.

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