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NEWS ALERT – Woman, Son & Friend Busted For Meth

A woman, her son and his friend were arrested in a meth lab bust at a Clarksville home Sunday afternoon. Michael Tyler Hughes, 18, and Johnathan James Sansom, 20, have each been charged with manufacture of meth and possession of listed chemicals. Mandi Jeanene Waldron, 33, has been charged with being a principal in the first degree to manufacture of meth and principal in the first degree to possession of listed chemicals. According to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Cpl. Eddie Dalton and Dep. Jody Hoagland became suspicious when Waldron showed up on the “Meth Watch” alert for purchasing pseudoephedrine at an area store. Due to the fact Waldron has allegedly purchased pseudoephedrine 30 times in recent months and been blocked 11 times after reaching her legal limit of purchases for the drug, authorities suspected she was buying the pills to manufacture meth. The deputies went to a home on Big Mac Road in Clarksville, where Waldron resides with her husband, Steven, and his parents, to speak with her about their concerns. As they drove up, they spotted two males exit a pickup truck and run to the back of the house. Cpl. Dalton walked past the truck and spotted a reaction vessel in plain view on the driver’s side floor board. The vessel was a clear plastic bottle commonly known as a “one pot” or “shake and bake” meth lab. Cpl. Dalton spoke with Steven Waldron at the back door of the residence and he advised his son, Michael Hughes, and his friend, Jonathan Sansom, were the two males who had just ran inside. Cpl. Dalton met with the family and reported his concerns following Mandi’s recent purchase and what he had witnessed in the truck. Steven’s father granted permission to search his residence. Mandi was questioned and admitted to buying the pills, but said she flushed them down the toilet. Mandi told authorities she, Steven, Michael and Jonathan, drove to Marianna where she purchased the pseudoephedrine and Michael bought lye, Coleman fuel and other components. On the way home, Mandi said she stopped in Altha and bought lithium batteries. Mandi said Michael was going to manufacture the meth for her and that Steven had no knowledge of it. Items used to manufacture the drug were seized from the truck, along with the reaction vessel. All three suspects were booked into the Calhoun County Jail and remained in custody at press time.

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