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NEWS ALERT – Woman Charged With Grand Theft Auto

A Blountstown woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing her ex-boyfriend’s truck and refusing to return it. Fontella Renee Dawson, 41, has been charged with grand theft auto. According to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, a Bradenton man who has a second home in Blountstown went to the Sheriff’s Office Sept. 3 to report Dawson had stolen his vehicle. The man told Dep. Gary McGee that he and Dawson had an on-again/off-again relationship when he is in town. He said he allowed Dawson to drive his truck the last time he was home since her car was broke down, but stated she knew she was not to drive it anymore when he left to return to Bradenton. The man further alleged Dawson had been moving items into his Blountstown home over the past three weeks while he was away. He said he wanted her removed from his property. Two weeks later, the man contacted Dep. McGee again to advise Dawson had failed to return the truck. The man said he spoke with Dawson by phone and told her he had loaded her personal items into her vehicle that was broken down on his property, had a tow truck haul them away, then gave her the tow company address so she could go collect them. The man said Dawson became enraged and stated he would never get his truck back. A warrant was issued for Dawson’s arrest and she was taken into custody Oct. 12. She was given a conditional release the following day.

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