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NEWS ALERT – Man With MP5 Air Rifle Arrested for Breach of Peace



A Blountstown man was arrested Sunday for allegedly walking around his girlfriend’s home with a submachine gun. Raymond Keith Sowell, 38, has been charged with improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon, breach of peace and resisting arrest without violence. According to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Sowell and his girlfriend reportedly got into a verbal argument over the phone, then he showed up in her yard on 22nd Street late Sunday afternoon. She was over at a neighbor’s house at the time and they watched as he exited his vehicle, allegedly carrying an H & K MP5 air rifle. Although he never threatened the woman, he reportedly carried it in an aggressive manner. The neighbor told her he had a gun, so she locked the door and called authorities. Once Sowell placed the weapon back in his vehicle, the neighbor allowed him to come inside. When law enforcement arrived, Sowell had apparently left, but was returning to the property and pulled in behind Dep. Jody Hoagland and BPD Lt. Darryl Temple. Sowell was ordered out of his truck, but quickly placed the vehicle in reverse and attempted to flee. Lt. Temple used his patrol car to blockthe truck and Sowell eventually complied. A black MP5 was found behind the seat with a large banana magazine attached to it. Sowell was booked into the Calhoun County Jail.

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