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NEWS ALERT – Man jailed for shooting at brother

A Hosford man was arrested Saturday night after shooting at his brother. James Edward Brown, 62, has been charged with aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony. According to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Dep. Duncan Rudd and Dep. Chad Smith were dispatched to a home on Johnny Brown Road after reports of shots fired. Ellis Brown, 61, told the deputies he was working in his shop around 6:30 p.m. when he heard wheels spinning in his driveway. He looked out to see James Edward Brown getting out of his truck cussing. Ellis alleged James stated, “How you like this?” as he unzipped the case of his .45 handgun. Ellis told authorities James fired toward him as he ran through his shop to his truck. “He fired a second shot prior to me getting to my truck,” Ellis remarked. “I got behind my truck and opened my toolbox.” Ellis said he took a 12 guage shotgun from his toolbox and ducked behind his truck. “While I was getting my shotgun I heard two more shots,” Ellis stated. “I then raised my gun over the body of my truck and shot one time. I then ducked back behind my truck and heard his truck tires spinning off.” Two large caliber bullet holes were discovered in a post with the bullets embedded. James Brown was located and placed under arrest.

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