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NEWS ALERT – Man arrested after wielding gun in Altha store

A Marianna man is behind bars in Calhoun County, accused of waving a firearm in a local business. Harry Franklin Furrow, 65, has been charged with improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon or firearm. According to a report filed by Altha Police Chief Jimmy Baggett, Furrow allegedly entered the Dollar General Store in Altha on the afternoon of Aug. 7 with a firearm in plain view, strapped to his hip. He reportedly pulled the gun from it’s holster and began waving it around while at the cash register, frightening customers and employees. Witnesses reported he appeared to be intoxicated. He then put the gun back in it’s holster, paid for his items and left. Furrow was arrested the following day for openly carrying the firearm while at the Altha Diner. A warrant was issued for his arrest for the Dollar General Store incident and he was booked into the Calhoun County Jail Sept. 15.

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