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NEWS ALERT – Lab Results Lead to Meth Trafficking Charges

BY KELLI PEACOCK DUNN News Editor In took a few months, but drug investigators arrested an Altha man this week accused of trafficking methamphetamine. Jerry Wayne Melton, 35, has been charged in the case for allegedly trafficking in over 200 grams of the drug. According to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Melton was at a Pennington Avenue home back in August when investigators paid a visit. A tip about a possible meth lab at the home turned out to be valid when evidence of a one-pot cooking operation was discovered. David Lee Adkins, 35, was arrested at the time for that meth. However, Melton’s wallet and a pair of pants were found in the living room of the home. A plastic bottle with suspected meth oil was also discovered in the home, along with a glass plate containing meth residue. Fingerprints of everyone in the home were collected and the items were sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Crime Lab. The chemistry results were received from FDLE in October confirming 297.3 grams of meth oil from the Pennington Avenue home. Two months later, the finger print comparison results came back. Six latent finger prints on the glass plate were positively identified as Melton’s print. A warrant was issued for his arrest on trafficking charges. Melton was taken into custody last week. He remains in the Calhoun County Jail with bond set at $50,000.

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