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NEWS ALERT – Jail inmates caught with meth

Two Calhoun County Jail inmates have been caught with meth behind bars. James Robert Walden, 41, and Lewis David Carson III, 35, have both been charged with introduction of contraband into a county detention facility. According to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Corrections Officer Thomas Granger observed Walden Aug. 16 as he attempted to pass a magazine under the door of his isolation cell into a hall where inmate Calvin “Bubba” Hayes was waiting to retrieve it. Officer Granger took the magazine from Hayes and discovered a folded piece of paper inside that contained meth. Upon questioning, Walden denied knowledge of the meth hidden in the magazine, but said his cellmate, Carson, had slipped it into the jail the previous night when he was arrested. He said Carson showed him the drugs after lunch that day, noting the substances were contained in three small bags. He said two of the bags contained crystal meth and the third appeared to be marijuana. Walden alleged Carson gave him a small piece of the meth which he ingested. He said Carson split the plastic bag with him and they licked it clean, then flushed it down the toilet. Walden was moved to another cell and Carson was directed to change into a jail uniform. No drugs were found at this time. However, the following day, a pair of socks were located under Carson’s bed. Crystal meth and two small buds of what appeared to be marijuana were discovered inside.

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