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NEWS ALERT – Hosford Meth Lab Busted

BY KELLI PEACOCK DUNN News Editor A Hosford couple is behind bars after the makings of a meth lab were found at their home. Chet Allen Geiger, 29, and Hali Danielle Smith, 19, have been charged with manufacture of meth within 1000 feet of a school. Smith is also charged with violating state probation. According to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Todd Wheetley and Sgt. Brian Bateman were joined by Drug Task Force members Lt. Timothy Partridge and Inv. Kevin Godwin in conducting a consent search at the couple’s home at 21266 Woodmen Street in Hosford last Wednesday. A trash can outside had a 20 ounce bottle of bi-layer liquid, several tin foil strips, two plastic bottles that smelled of lighter fluid, and paper towels with a strong chemical odor. Items used in the manufacture of meth were discovered in the backyard. Geiger allegedly told authorities, “I’ve cooked a couple times,” but refused to give a recorded statement. After Smith and Geiger were taken into custody, Smith reportedly stated she had been present when Geiger was manufacturing meth and it was common for him to throw some items in the trash and burn the rest following the cook process. Bond was initially set at $25,000 for Smith, but was then changed to no bond due to the fact she violated her state probation conditions. Geiger is being held on $42,000 bond.

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