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NEWS ALERT – Four Arrested in Meth Lab Bust



Authorities on the prowl for two suspects wanted on warrants got more than they bargained for when they stumbled upon a meth lab last Tuesday at a Clarksville home. Arrested were Angela Howard, 33, of Clarksville, Casey Ruis, 34, of Havana, Brandon Keller, 31, and Jessica Brown, 26, both of Tallahassee. All were charged with manufacture of meth, possession of meth, possession of listed chemicals and child abuse. According to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Jared Nichols and Dep. John Scheetz arrived at Angela Howard’s home on Cook Road to serve arrest warrants on two subjects that were possibly at the residence. Ruis was coming out the door when they arrived, then quickly returned inside. Sgt. Nichols described hearing the sounds of people running through the mobile home and commotion coming from the west end of the residence as they walked toward the door. Howard opened the door and Keller also approached, both appearing extremely nervous. Sgt. Nichols could see directly into the master bedroom and reported noticing a “smokey haze” in the air with a strong chemical odor consistent with meth being manufactured. A clear Pyrex dish and ceramic plate, often used when producing the drug, were also spotted on the bed. The house was cleared and the components of a meth lab were discovered. Evidence suggested the contents of a reaction vessel had been poured down a sink drain. Howard told Sgt. Nichols they were only smoking meth, not making it. However, items used to manufacture the drug were collected, including psuedoephedrine, a listed chemical. Howard, Ruis and Keller allegedly admitted to smoking meth. Brown reportedly said crack cocaine was her drug of choice and she had smoked that just prior to the arrival of investigators. Due to the fact Howard’s two children, ages 14 and 9, were present in the home, all were charged with child abuse. The children were turned over to a relative. Howard is being held on a $10,000 bond. Ruis’ and Keller’s bonds are both set at $12,000. Brown’s bond is $12,500.

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