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New Sidewalk Dedicated

The streets of Blountstown are much safer thanks to the dedication of several community leaders and volunteers, along with some much appreciated help from the Florida Department of Transportation. Calhoun County’s Traffic Safety Team, composed of elected officials, interested citizens, and business leaders, meets regularly to study what their name suggests…traffic safety. One of the areas they saw as a concern was the North Pear Street half mile stretch that extends from the M & B Train Depot to Blountstown Elementary School.The group pursued a DOT grant through the Safe Route To School Program and the sidewalk has been established. It was dedicated on Monday, providing a safe route for students walking to school and the Calhoun County Public Library. The City of Blountstown timed a resurfacing project on Pear Street to coincide with the sidewalk construction and also created brick pavers and an all-way stop at the Greenway entrance. A new curved island at the North Pear and Hwy. 69 intersection was also created to force traffic to slow down and eliminate accidents. A major drainage reconstruction project in the area was also incorporated. City Manager James Woods said, “This is what I hope to be the start of many projects for safer streets.”

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