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New School Facilities In Altha, Carr and Blountstown?

Could new school facilities be in the future for Altha, Carr, and Blountstown Elementary? The Calhoun County School Board is researching that matter and discussed it at last Tuesday night’s board meeting. Board lobbyist Patrick Bell presented a package on the “COPs”(Certificate of Participation) program that began in 1989. COPs is a lease-purchase financing option which can be implemented without elector approval by referendum. Through COPs, the bank or other financier owns the building with the school district owning the land and payments being made over a 20 year period. In addition to lease payments, Bell said a $3000 per month fee is paid to the School Board Association for administering the program. Bell explained that the law allows 1.125 of the 1.5 millage for capital outlay could be used to pay for the schools. Superintendent Tommy McClellan said he didn’t think the program would work since it would tie up tax dollars for 20 years. Bell said he wasn’t advising either way, but noted, “It may be a long time before you get special needs [money] again and you may never get it.” A workshop on the matter is being scheduled. Stay tuned.

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