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Neighbors busted in pair of pot cases

The alleged owner of the pot plants featured in last week’s issue of The County Record has been apprehended. Responding to a tip, the investigation led to the arrest of Jack Barton, 59, of NW Mark Burke Road in Altha. He was booked into the Calhoun County Jail Saturday and charged with cultivation of marijuana. According to Sgt. Jared Nichols, the 120 marijuana plants were seized approximately a half mile from Barton’s residence on someone else’s property. Dep. Bobby Sims worked the case. In a separate case, Barton’s neighbor, Thomas Michael McLinskey, 33, has been charged with manufacture of marijuana and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. Sgt. Nichols and Dep. Sims received a tip about possible drug activity and arrived at a trailer on a two-trail road off NW Mark Burke Road last Wednesday. Several planters with pot plants were discovered, as well as a plowed area with more marijuana plants. More planters were found in the bushes near the plowed spot.


Two days later, McLinskey admitted the plants were his and said he grows them for personal use. A partially burn joint was found in his truck at the time. Barton remained in custody at press time. McLinskey was released from jail after posting bond.

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