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Mural Masterpiece

Motorists traveling through downtown Blountstown have been doing a double take over the past week. Local artist Jeff Vickery has put his paint and imagination on the side of the Snowden Surveying building on North Pear Street and created a work of art that is garnering loads of attention. “As far as my vision for murals in our town, I think places like Dothan and Colquitt, Georgia, have been able to turn their murals into a great tourist draw. Blountstown has the same potential to be able to use murals and art as a way to stop some of these people who pass through town everyday,” Vickery points out. “I think that murals with a historical theme would suit Blountstown better than something like the murals in Philadelphia which are more eclectic. I think we have some interesting history here and murals are a great way to help showcase that and, hopefully, make people stop a while in our town.” Anyone interested in having Vickery design a mural for their building can contact him at 643-6135. He plans to meet with Blountstown Main Street Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at The Country Creamery.

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