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Man is jailed after shooting at women

A Blountstown man is behind bars, accused of firing four shots at two women Sunday night. Arrested was Joshua Michael Watts, 20, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Dep. Eddie Dalton responded to the Clarksville General Store where Dannyelle White, 22, and Christina Mears, 19, told him Watts shot at them. White said she and Mears had been at a barbecue and returned home to find Watts at her house. Due to previous altercations, she asked him to leave. She said they argued and it became physical, alleging Watts hit her in the face with his fist several times. Watts reportedly pulled across the road, invited White to come over and said he would kill her. White said Watts then pulled over to Clarksville General Store, parked by a dumpster, and fired a gun. White said she hit the ground and Mears ran over, thinking she had been shot. She then saw Watts holding a black pump shotgun with pistol grips and said he was aiming at both of them. White alleged he fired three more shots at them. Witnesses backed up White’s statement. Watts and his girlfriend, Lesa Nichole Corlett, later went to the Sheriff’s Office where they were separated for interviews. Corlett told Dep. Dalton that White hit her in the mouth when she tried to break up the fight between her and Watts. Corlett then walked to the store and, moments later, heard gunshots. She said Watts pulled up, told her to get in the truck and said, “I bet she won’t mess with you again,” and, “Don’t worry, they won’t find the gun. I ditched it.” Watts was arrested.

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