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Man Arrested For Pistol Whipping Another Man

A Blountstown man is behind bars for allegedly pistol whipping another man last Wednesday night. Cardonial B. Thomas has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. According to the Blountstown Police Department, a man walked into the police station and reported that Thomas was beating up Darryl Basford on Lockwood Avenue. Ofc. Jody Hoagland responded to the area, but didn’t locate either of the men. About 15 minutes later, the Sheriff’s Office received a call about a white male with blood all over him walking northbound on Hwy. 71 near Bay Ford. The man, identified as Basford, was located by Ofc. Hoagland and found to have facial injuries. He was transported by EMS to Calhoun-Liberty Hospital and told the officer his injuries were received when he fell. Around 2 a.m., a physician at the hospital contacted the BPD and requested an officer. Ofc. Hoagland and Ofc. Timothy Partridge arrived and spoke with Basford. He reportedly told the officers he was walking down Lockwood Avenue near the home of a guy named Reggie when Thomas walked up to him and asked what he wanted to buy. Basford replied that he didn’t want to buy anything and continued walking. Basford said Thomas walked into Reggie’s house, then returned brandishing a nickel plated handgun. Basford alleged Thomas said he was going to shoot him in the leg and Basford told him to go ahead. Basford said he was then clipped from behind and fell to the ground. He said he heard the gun click and alleged Thomas began striking him in the face, making reference to him owing him money and stating he was going to take whatever he had in his pockets. Basford said Thomas and an unknown subject continued to kick him and beat him with the gun. At some point, he said he blacked out. Basford’s injuries were reportedly severe enough to possibly require surgery and he was transported to Bay Medical Center for further treatment. A warrant was issued for Thomas’ arrest and he was taken into custody Friday. Thomas remained in the Calhoun County Jail at press time.

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