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Mallory, Bryant help feds bust 16

Two Calhoun County investigators have been commended by the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for their work in helping the agency bust a major cocaine and marijuana ring in the panhandle. “The hard work and dedication of Captain [Michael] Bryant and Lieutenant [Mark] Mallory led to the arrest of 16 federal defendants, the seizure of $75,000, five firearms and seven vehicles,” DEA Special Agent Mark R. Trouville stated. The case, known as Operation Big River Sweep, targeted a large-scale drug trafficking organization responsible for distributing over 100 kilograms of cocaine and 10,000 pounds of marijuana in the North Central Panhandle of Florida. The alleged drug activities spanned from late 2008 to mid-2011. The case has been sealed by a judge with names of defendants unavailable at this time.

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