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Little Girl Meets Rescuers

Little Jada Owens who nearly drowned over a week ago at Camel Lake in Bristol had the chance to meet the folks who helped save her young life Friday afternoon. Three-year-old Jada was swimming a week ago Saturday when 10-year-old David Trejo of Altha spotted her on the bottom of the lake. The boy dove under, pulled her out of the water and summoned help. Meanwhile, a crash just a half mile from the lake had brought rescue workers from Calhoun County to the area. EMS Director Phillip Hill, along with paramedics Keith Daniels and Aaron Carter, heard the drowning call and headed for the lake. They put Jada in the ambulance, then went to work to save her as they literally prayed for a miracle. God answered as she is now home, running around and doing fine.

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