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Lindsay Beam is named Calhoun County Teacher of the Year / Bella Stewart is selected School Related Employee of the Year

Lindsay Beam is named Calhoun County Teacher of the Year

Bella Stewart is selected School Related Employee of the Year

CALHOUN COUNTY, FL – Calhoun County Superintendent of Schools Darryl Taylor, Jr., has announced that the Calhoun County School District (CCSD) has named the 2023 Teacher and School-Related Employee of the Year for the Calhoun County School District.  Blountstown School Middle/High School math teacher Lindsay Beam was named Teacher of the Year, while Mamie Belle Stewart,  Food Service Support Manager with the Special Programs Office,  was named the School-Related Employee of the Year.

Beam  began her Calhoun County teaching career as a first grade classroom teacher at BES in 2010.  She moved to the 5th grade in 2012 and taught reading, language arts and social studies. In 2015 Beam moved to Blountstown Middle School as a 6th grade math teacher and also added 8th grade pre-algebra.

When Blountstown High School and Blountstown Middle School consolidated in 2019, Beam continued to teach 6th and 8th grades.

As part of application for Teacher of the Year, Beam states, “I have extremely high expectations for my students.  I want my students to have academic success and develop their intrinsic motivation to do their best in whatever they attempt.  I will not allow a student say, “I can’t do this.”  Rather, it is “I can’t do this YET.” Iwant each one of my students to be resilient and to have the grit to keep growing throughout the year.  I want this “YET” culture to become my students’ life-long mantra,” she stated.

Tracy Wood, Principal at Blountstown High School, shared this about Lindsay Beam in her letter of recommendation. “Lindsay is extremely disciplined, intelligent, sincere, hardworking, competitive and very motivated.  She is respected by her coworkers, students, and parents.  Mrs. Beam has never shunned a task given to her and readily volunteers for anyting that come along. Mrs. Beam is the teacher that goes above and beyond to meet her student’s needs,” Woods noted.Curriculum and Instruction Director Tracie Taylor also had some comments on Mrs. Beam.  “Hard working, dedicated, and competitive are words that I would use to describe Lindsay.  She takes her jov very seriously and wants each and every student to excel in her classroom. Lindsay treats each student as her own  in that she holds them accountable for their actions,” Taylor added.

Mamie Belle Stewart has been with the Special Programs Office for 10 years where she holds several job responsibilites.  She assists schools with food and supply orders and provides training on the general operations of the school foodservice program.

In her letter of recommendation, Assistant Superintendent and Director of Food Service, Debbie Williams, added her comments on  Mrs. Stewart’s job performance.  

“Belle has to make sure that t he menus follow the federal nutrition guidelines.  She provides professional development for our lunchroom workers to make sure that the workers understand the federal guidelines to provide our students with nutritious meals.  Belle  is an invaluable employee that helps to ensure that the students of Calhoun County are fed each day, Dr. Williams added.

Congratulations to these two worthy selections and thank you for your contributions to the students of Calhoun County.

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