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Liberty County Sheriff issues warning to store owners after recent ‘Mojo’ cases

Liberty County Sheriff Donnie Conyers has taken a stand against convenience stores on his turf selling herbal incense. Popular incense such as “Mojo” have led to serious illness among juveniles over the past year with two cases reported in the past month. Just 10 days ago, three Bristol teens were hospitalized after smoking herbal incense. One was foaming at the mouth, the other was vomiting and a third was unresponsive when EMS arrived. In a separate case two weeks prior, a Liberty County woman was arrested on child abuse charges after giving her nine-year-old daughter Mojo to smoke. The child wound up being airlifted to TMH. Major Steve Swier, on behalf of Sheriff Donnie Conyers, sent a letter to the Bristol B.P. owner, where the Mojo in both recent cases was allegedly purchased, regarding the fact that the sheriff had previously asked him to stop selling the herbal incense. In this letter, the Maj. Swier stated, “Since you will not act with some moral responsibility, this letter will serve as notice to you and the Bristol B.P. that further incidents of this nature could possibly result in this office filing for criminal charges against you for culpable negligence, Florida Statute 784.05, subsection 1. You may also be civilly liable, as well.” Check out the complete story in this week’s print edition.

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